With respect to Rock Hall’s new Mayor & Council crafting its fiscal 2020 budget, the first two discussions have been a tour through the General and Utilities funds item by item in an intelligent, informed, adult fashion.
Budget items touched on so far include:
• Infrastructure (focus on water and wastewater plants, municipal building)
• Vehicles and equipment
• Trams operations, safety, and finances
• Uniforms for Town employees
• Special events
• All the various contracts
• Hiring a town manager
Starting at 6:00 p.m., the next scheduled meetings—open to public, of course—are on May 21, 22, 29, 30.
If you want to be informed about the nuts-and-bolts of Town government, this is for you.
You will also be able to more fully understand the size and scope of the financial, administrative, and infrastructural problems facing our Mayor & Council, as well as all town residents, businesses, and property owners. These are at present Herculean challenges! M&C are being assisted by Clerk-Treasurer Loller.
Submitted by Gren Whitman

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  1. Pets To Go says :

    Great write-up Gren. Sounds like a great and encouraging start for the new M/C.