I recognized very early that our town was in trouble with its finances and presented my concerns at town meetings. After consulting with the MML who provided me with information from the Government Finance Officers Association, seeking the available resources, I attempted to present an approach to the mayor and council, again stressing that Rock Hall was heading for serious financial distress. The council would not discuss or acknowledge that Rock Hall had financial problems. I was ignored! Still today, the Mayor flatly denies that we have a deficit.

There were many other alarming issues, such as collusion (see audit), lack of decorum and a lack of concern or basic understanding regarding spending, lack of revenues and finances, all making me very uncomfortable.

I could no longer be a part of the unethical conduct of the mayor and majority of the council. Our Town Charter, Town Code, and zoning ordinances were constantly ignored. The Mayor and Vice Mayor stated that the Code was just a guideline. Committee appointments were made without the required approval of the Council. Decisions were being made outside of the meetings as they still are today. Bank reconciliations were not being made promptly or at all. Items placed on the agenda were not made available to me until just prior to meetings so that I had no time to review. I found the rest of the council would not consider increasing revenue or decreasing expenses to address our financial problems. I could not be a part of this grossly compromising situation, therefore, I decided to resign. Even Dawn Jacobs was heard recently to say that she would have quit in those circumstances.

I kept an interest in the town, watched the town meetings, and read more alarming news articles about violations of the law and the bank cancelling the town’s line of credit. At the end of 2018 I knew I had to make a difference and announced my intentions to run for Mayor on January 3rd, 2019, and to change the direction of Rock Hall. I was first to step forward to make a difference and that was before our delayed audit was presented to the public.

I am the only candidate who has developed a structured plan that provides multiple sources of new income while providing relief for those needing it the most. I have plans to reduce the cost of water and sewer to the elderly and low-end users, and those struggling to make ends meet. I have plans to seek reimbursement from Kent County for duplicate services that will produce over $100,000 (Est)per year, to create transfer fees on property sales that will produce another $100,000 (Est) per year, and to renegotiate our contracts with Kent County. These new revenues would help us to offset the cost of our failing infrastructure and appropriately plan to address the years of deferred maintenance and accumulated deficits that have been ignored for the past 4 to 8 years. I will actively and aggressively seek all grants.

Problems require solutions. I have already started the process. I am not waiting until I get in office to see what can be done. I am not waiting until someone else can tell me what to do. I am ready to make a difference along with a strong and deliberate council. We can and will move forward – together as a community.

I know Delegate Jay Jacobs is at the ready to help our town wherever possible. All we have to do is ask.

*Don’t misjudge my actions…I never “quit” the town, just my association with the collusion and reckless, unlawful behavior of the Council.

I am just getting Started!

Vote for the candidate that will make a difference for all of Rock Hall.

My Name is Art Kendall
Vote for Kendall for Mayor of Rock Hall

Please read my letter of resignation dated October 13, 2016. (Click Link Below )

Kendall Resignation Letter