Reader’s response to “Reflections on the Water”

That was absolutely the right thing to do. Haven Harbour will need to make sure that they have sufficient supply and flow to meet their demands.With such substantial use, it is best to have a profession assessment to determine the correct meter and feed line size requirements. It needs to be evaluated by a qualified engineering firm. Of consideration is the fact that they are likely required to have a separate water line that is dedicated for fire suppression and sprinkler systems in the buildings. Additionally, it is necessary to consider how their use may impact the properties on Chesapeake Avenue as that street will be the origin of the water feeds to the marina. It’s important to size the lines correctly so as not to impact flow and pressure for properties on Chesapeake Avenue.  Another component of this upgrade is that the water lines will be run / bored below the bottom of the creek. This may involve approval from other agencies who may have jurisdiction over tidal waters.The recent vote by Mayor and Council is the correct and best approach to insure that these upgrades are compliant, serviceable and handled in a professional manner.Haven Harbour and Brawner Corporation have been a tremendous asset to the community and have always been highly professional in their approach to development and improvements

Liz Smith  4/17/2019