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Liz Smith says :  Edit

David Mayne

I absolutely concur ! At this stage of the game, our best recourse is to have intelligent, honest and sensible people step up to run in this election. The voting public needs to become informed so that this destructive cycle is broken.

The real “run the town” power has been in the hands of the Town Manager for 22 years. The Town Charter needs to be re-visited and revised so that there are actual requirements for the position. The position should require education in municipal management, yearly assessment and an actual contract. What a cosmic concept ! Serving at the pleasure of the Mayor and Council has been a concept that has doomed the citizens to be nothing more than hostages to incompetence.

Liz Smith

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  1. Gren Whitman says :

    Responding to Dave Mayne and Liz Smith:
    IMO, the Charter set-up is OK, with the Mayor and Council being the Town’s “board of directors” and the town manager the “CEO.”
    Problems arise when (1) there is a town manager without proper training and experience and/or performing poorly and when (2) the Mayor and Council refuse to evaluate the TM’s performance annually, as called for in the personnel policies.
    Rock Hall — or any town; we’re not unique — needs a Mayor and Council willing to carry out their full responsibilities and a town manager with sufficient training and experience to properly and fully administer and manage the town on behalf of the M&C and, ultimately, the taxpayers.