February 15, 2019

“Sitting Council

To the editor: I find it morally repugnant that the majority of the sitting council for the town of Rock Hall has forgotten that they do not “run” the town; they work “for” the town.

The chronic abuse of power coupled with the lack of respect for the very people they claim to serve is an extremely disheartening view of today’s political climate.

The council majority I reference here today has refused to act in a financially responsible manner for many years. They have now left the town with no choice but to levy harsh rate increases that will undoubtedly cause a significant amount of discomfort for many in our community.

Their simple failure to act in a slow, controlled, moderated fashion has now driven the town to the brink of austerity. Even now, in the face of negative income, and barely enough cash on hand to finish the fiscal year, both the mayor and vice mayor balked at the idea of increasing current utility rates.

While I do agree, the current proposal is harsh; it could have been avoided if action had been taken years ago, again, in a moderated fashion.

The town manager is no better. The current town manager of 22 years, a paid professional, has abdicated his duties. He cannot answer simple financial questions and has allowed the town’s finances and infrastructure to fall into chaos and disrepair.

Those actions or lack thereof, speak for themselves.

It’s time to overhaul of the governing body of Rock Hall. The next council is going to be left with significant financial, ethical and moral challenges. I wish them luck.

David L. Mayne

Rock Hall”


2 responses to “Opinion – “SITTING COUNCIL””

  1. Liz Smith says :

    David Mayne

    I absolutely concur ! At this stage of the game, our best recourse is to have intelligent, honest and sensible people step up to run in this election. The voting public needs to become informed so that this destructive cycle is broken.

    The real “run the town” power has been in the hands of the Town Manager for 22 years. The Town Charter needs to be re-visited and revised so that there are actual requirements for the position. The position should require education in municipal management, yearly assessment and an actual contract. What a cosmic concept ! Serving at the pleasure of the Mayor and Council has been a concept that has doomed the citizens to be nothing more than hostages to incompetence.

    Liz Smith