A Reader’s Comment

The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object”

Thomas Jefferson

Gren certainly outlined a few choice issues about this non-meeting and although all are of significance, I’m on a somewhat different tack here; hence the quote from Jefferson.

What is at the core of my angst with the town leadership strikes at the core of free expression.

I’ll digress for a minute and harken back to the days of the Willis administration. As all pretty well know, it was a contentious time for reasons that are really not understood by many.Despite the countless hours of raised voices, hurled insults and vitriol directed at Bob Willis; he was generous in allowing folks to have their say. There wasn’t a 3 minute curfew on speaking ones mind and in spite of whether he subscribed to the speaker; he allowed freedom of expression.

When Bob left office, the number of chairs in the meeting room became rather slim, which sent a message to me, that there wasn’t much room being made for the public. It could almost qualify for a set up of musical chairs!

My current participation in town meetings would qualify me as a video voyeur and I’m ok with that, What I do see is the erosion of interest and patience in hearing what the taxpayers have to say. Mayor Jones is often surly when someone raises a question that is not to his liking. The gavel hammers down and the speaker is silenced. It may have the immediate effect of suppressing free expression, but the net result is to feed malcontent and distrust. It’s just not a wise way to govern in the grand scheme of things.

Leadership is difficult. Great leadership is rare.

Liz Smith


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  1. Kathy Harry says :

    Well stated Liz Smith.