Rock Hall Communications Board Meeting

On Monday evening, March 19, 2018, the Rock Hall Communications Board met. Present were Jan Plotczyk, Kate Johnson, Linda Buckle and Beth Andrews.

 What occurred was a round table discussion about 2½ years of frustrations at the way the Board’s energies, expertise, and enthusiasm to contribute to the Town have been underutilized by the Mayor and Council and their suggestions not being considered as designated in the Town Charter.  The meeting culminated with the resignations of the remaining three current Board members.  Here is their letter of resignation:

  “To the Mayor and Council:

 It is with deep regret and much frustration that the current members of the Rock Hall Communications Board tender our resignations immediately.  Our reasons for resigning can be seen on the video recording of the March 19, 2018 Communications Board meeting, available at


 Jan Plotczyk, Chair

Linda Buckle, Vice Chair

Kate Johnson, Secretary”