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David Mayne

I absolutely concur ! At this stage of the game, our best recourse is to have intelligent, honest and sensible people step up to run in this election. The voting public needs to become informed so that this destructive cycle is broken.

The real “run the town” power has been in the hands of the Town Manager for 22 years. The Town Charter needs to be re-visited and revised so that there are actual requirements for the position. The position should require education in municipal management, yearly assessment and an actual contract. What a cosmic concept ! Serving at the pleasure of the Mayor and Council has been a concept that has doomed the citizens to be nothing more than hostages to incompetence.

Liz Smith




February 15, 2019

“Sitting Council

To the editor: I find it morally repugnant that the majority of the sitting council for the town of Rock Hall has forgotten that they do not “run” the town; they work “for” the town.

The chronic abuse of power coupled with the lack of respect for the very people they claim to serve is an extremely disheartening view of today’s political climate.

The council majority I reference here today has refused to act in a financially responsible manner for many years. They have now left the town with no choice but to levy harsh rate increases that will undoubtedly cause a significant amount of discomfort for many in our community.

Their simple failure to act in a slow, controlled, moderated fashion has now driven the town to the brink of austerity. Even now, in the face of negative income, and barely enough cash on hand to finish the fiscal year, both the mayor and vice mayor balked at the idea of increasing current utility rates.

While I do agree, the current proposal is harsh; it could have been avoided if action had been taken years ago, again, in a moderated fashion.

The town manager is no better. The current town manager of 22 years, a paid professional, has abdicated his duties. He cannot answer simple financial questions and has allowed the town’s finances and infrastructure to fall into chaos and disrepair.

Those actions or lack thereof, speak for themselves.

It’s time to overhaul of the governing body of Rock Hall. The next council is going to be left with significant financial, ethical and moral challenges. I wish them luck.

David L. Mayne

Rock Hall”



February 14, 2019

Present: Jones, Kuechler, Andrews, Edwards, Nesspor (Fithian, MacLeod, Loller, Dempsey, Wode)


  • Approve meeting agenda
  • Approve January 10 meeting minutes
  • Amend October 11 meeting minutes
  • Prevent questions and comments from the audience during Council discussion on utility rate increase (Jones, Kuechler, Nesspor aye; Andrews, Edwards nay)
  • Raise utility rate by 15 percent after standing-room-only hearing in which 13 residents spoke against it (Jones, Kuechler, Nesspor aye; Andrews, Edwards nay)


  • Permit Rock Hall Elementary to sponsor a fun run as a special event


  • Residents and visitors reminded to keep dogs off Ferry Park beach
  • After citizen complaints, RHPD on lookout for speeders on Sharp Street and Rock Hall Avenue
  • Planning Commission needs a new member


  • By viewing the archived tape of this meeting—public hearing and regular session—interested persons can observe the full panoply of incompetence, defensiveness, and falsehoods on the part of, primarily, the mayor and the town manager.



Compiled by Gren Whitman




Update Public Hearing @ 7:30pm

February 14…TONIGHT

Public Notice – Ordinance 2019-01
POSTED ON: JANUARY 22, 2019 – 2:20PM

Code of the Town of Rock Hall

The purpose of this public notice is to notify the citizens of the Town of Rock Hall of Ordinance No. 2019-01, which was introduced by the Council during their regular monthly meeting held on January 10, 2019.

Ordinance No. 2019-01, if passed, would amend Chapter 102 of the Code of the Town of Rock Hall (the “Town Code”) to increase municipal water and sewer usage rates by thirty percent, effective April 1, 2019, as follows:

Charge for water by measurement: minimum quarterly charge, per meter:

   Meter Size (inches)                Current Quarterly Fee Proposed Quarterly Fee

     ¾                                           $39 $50.70

     1                                            $39 $50.70

     1 ½                                          $78 $101.40

     2                                            $117 $152.10

     3                                            $156 $202.80

     4                                            $234 $304.20

     6                                            $390 $507.00

Pursuant to § 102-1(A)(6)(a) of the Town Code, the sewer charge is two times that of the water charge.

The foregoing constitutes a fair summary of Ordinance No. 2019-01 as introduced by the Council on January 10, 2019.

The Council will hold a public hearing regarding the foregoing proposed rate changes, including the necessity therefor and advisability thereof, on February 14, 2019, during their regular monthly meeting commencing at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Office, 5585 Main Street, Rock Hall, Maryland, during which time interested citizens shall be afforded an opportunity to provide comments and ask questions regarding the proposed rate changes. The Council reserves the right to take action on Ordinance No. 2019-01 immediately following the public hearing or on another date to be announced during the public hearing, but no action shall be taken until parties in interest and citizens have had an opportunity to be heard.   Written comments submitted in advance of the public hearing shall be considered, provided that they are delivered to the Town Office no later than 12:00 p.m. on February 14, 2019.

Copies of Ordinance No. 2019-01 are available to the public at the Town Office during normal business hours.


Stephanie M. Loller

Clerk – Treasurer

Water Utility Rate Hike Hearing Thursday at 7 pm.   


This is your only opportunity to voice your opinion regarding the 30% proposed increase.

The regular town meeting will immediately follow the hearing.  The vote for or against raising the utility rates will take place by Mayor and Council at that meeting.

What you need to know:

  • Please be there prior to 7 pm
  • If you want to speak at either of the meetings please be sure to add your name to the sign in sheet.
  • There may be a sheet for each meeting so be mindful of what meeting sheet you are signing
  • You can sign the sheet to be sure you are able to speak should you have such a desire and if you decide your question or concern has been satisfied, you don’t have to speak when called upon.
  • If you do not sign in, you will probably not be permitted to speak.
  • Generally, there is a three minute time limit for citizens to speak.
  • Please remain civil throughout the meeting.